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The Dondi Project Steering Committee Update & Summary
:: November 20, 2010 ::

Now that the Dondi Project event tours and the Drumathon are completed, the Steering Committee wishes to share with Drumathon Animators, enthusiasts and donors a report of the projectís accomplishments and plans for its future. We are pleased to report the following:

What is the Dondi Project?

What if the men of Canada united to rebuild essential education in Angola?
The Dondi Project is an effort toward this goal. We will raise $1 million over the next year. The project will fund the rebuilding of the Lutamo School at Dondi, which was destroyed during years of conflict and civil war.

Initiated by The United Church of Canada Men’s Ministries Network, the project will reach out to men of all ages across Canada, creating a network that will engage, unite, and inspire.

How it All Began

Canadian missionaries started the Lutamo School at Dondi in 1914. The school trained generations of leaders—doctors, teachers, social workers, and ministers. In 1975, a civil war erupted in Angola, resulting in:

  • The closing of the Lutamo school
  • 500,000 dead
  • thousands of refugees
  • the physical & psychological maiming of thousands
  • the destruction of infrastructure

We Work with Our Partner in Angola - IECA

The Lutamo School site is onland owned by the Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (IECA), a United Church partner. Luis Samacumbi, director of the church’s Department of Social Assistance, Studies and Projects, will oversee the rebuilding of the school.

When Luis’s older brother was 14 he was abducted by troops of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and forced to fight in the civil war. Thirty years later the brothers were reunited only to discover they had fought in the same battle—against each other. Now Luis is dedicated to promoting peace and progress in Angola. We can help by working with Luis and the IECA to rebuild the Lutamo School at Dondi.

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